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Although oils have been used for skin care for centuries, the cosmetic market has exploded with the range of oil-based products that are now available.  There are those that are for direct application to the skin, there are oil based gels and shampoos, and various other preparations.  There is no doubt that oils can have a major impact on skin quality, especially when looking at the numerous anti-microbial and astringent properties in the components of many fruit and plant oils (excluding essential oils which are far more potent, and potentially an irritant in their pure form).  In many Asian countries for example, oils have been widely used to moisturise the skin in light of their beneficial effects, and perhaps this is why often people from Asian and Oriental backgrounds have the appearance of tighter and suppler skin.  In fact, in many countries, babies are bathed in oil to protect and moisturize their skin.

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Instant Glowing Results?


There appear to be a large rise in the number of products that are marketed on-line and through email campaigns where companies claim their products provide instant results, and often backed up through photos to show before and after effects. The most absurd is one I came across recently where a US based company guaranteed a change in complexion within 17 seconds!! The photos apparently proved this and celebrities were even seen carrying these. The only thing I can think of that can act so rapidly on the skin to redden the skin is a vasodilator such as Alprostadil that is a highly potent drug used in erectile dysfunction. Any cosmetic that is able to make such claims is either misleading or potentially has drug of some form within it, whether regulated or not, that is leading to these effects.

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Nano-Particles do NOT penetrate the skin?


A recent article in the Daily Mail newspaper revealed that nano-particles do not actually penetrate the skin! This landmark research was based on work performed by a leading global expert on skin, Professor Richard Guy at Bath University in the United Kingdom.  Instead, Professor Guy reported that these particles only remain embedded within the folds of the skin.  It is unfortunate, but many cosmetic companies still try to entice customers into buying products by creating hype and improper representation of their products.

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