Mycrolator & Filtered Facial Oil Serum (3 Vial Pack)
Mycrolator Skin Prep Kit



Pack contains one Mycrolator and two glass vials each, containing 3ml of natural filtered oil serum.

The Mycrolator and skin oils are suitable for mature skin, and skin that is not prone to break-outs. Younger users under the age of 30 may experience break-outs, in which case the use of the product should be reduced.  Our new range of oils suitable for younger people and skin prone to break-outs is due to be launched in the winter of 2013.

Please select your choice of included oil serum:

Anti-oxidant skincare: Facial oil serum to maintain skin health throughout the year.
Dry skin: Facial oil serum to maintain high moisture levels.
Sensitive skin: Facial oil serum to soothe easily irritated skin.
Blemished skin: Facial oil serum naturally reduces small scars and acne.
Mature skin: Facial oil serum for enhancing glow and hydrating the skin.